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1. YouTube was founded on February 14 (Valentine's Day) 2005. The very first video uploaded to the hosting was "Me at the zoo", which was 19 seconds long (filmed by  Jawed Karim). The video was uploaded on April 23, 2005. Here is this video clip, which has already collected more than seven 217 million views.

2. As of 2022, the total number of active users on YouTube exceeds 2.3 billion. Every day, the service is visited by approximately 30 millions of active users (about 70% of traffic is from mobile applications), which makes the service one of the most visited in the world. As for video statistics, for 2021, there are more than 38 millions of active channels and 15 millions of active “creators” on YouTube. About 1 billion hours of video are viewed daily (by all users).

3. YouTube supports over 80 different languages. In terms of content, about 28% of all videos are in English. The largest number of YouTube visitors are from the United States (15%), India (9.7%) and Japan (4.8%) - according to the reputable resource Alexa

Youtube visitors location

4. The total number of Top 5 most popular channels is about 700 million users!

TOP 5 channels:

  1. "T-Series" (India) - about 203 million subscribers,
  2. "Cocomelon - Nursery Rhymes" (USA) - about 125 millions subscribers,
  3. "SET India" (India) - 122 millions,
  4. "PewDiePie(Sweden) - 111 millions,
  5. "MrBeast" (USA) - 87.2 millions

TOP 5 videos (by number of views):

  1. "Baby Shark Dance" (9.94 billion views) by  "Pinkfong Baby Shark - Kids' Songs & Stories",
  2. "Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee" (7.65 billion views) by "Luis Fonsi",
  3. "Johny Johny Yes Papa" (6.08 billion views) by "LooLoo Kids",
  4. "Shape of You (Official Music Video)"(5.58 billion views) by "Ed Sheeran",
  5. "See You Again ft. Charlie Puth"(5,37 billion views) by "Wiz Khalifa".


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